As a Recruiter Tragic I still browse the job boards to see what’s happening in the market, and recently was pulled up short by an Ad that was reasonably blatant that is wasn’t after the “more mature” applicant…the inference being that that type of applicant was too old school and not up with “popular trends”

Now I’ve seen these ads before, but this time it was different. I suddenly realised I’m falling into that bracket, this could have been brought on by being a week out from seeing my hairdresser and therefore the odd grey hair is visible in the mirror.

But…This ad…was talking about me!

So where is the tipping point? At what point do you “tip” from being in the “right” wanted bracket to being “over the hill”.

I’m Gen X, and of course considered myself reasonably hip and with it…but have the Gen X’s become the new baby boomers? Have we tipped? Have we become the Old Fogies of the employment market…

I’ve always viewed Seasoned as a positive. Sure you can get the “ground hog” people…you know, they stopped learning back in 1996 and haven’t bothered since as they just repeat the same old, same old.

But I’d always viewed us Gen X as loving the learning and embracing the new, happy on the cutting edge. But do our younger peers? Because people…they are making the decisions these days.

In the recruitment profession years under your belt is good. We have put the 10,000 hours of practice in and we can Thin Slice very effectively. As was beautifully written by Ross Clennett recently which you can view here 

Making us: taken as a whole, pretty good at picking Talent. Which is what you want in either Internal or External recruitment teams…right?

Or have I been deluding myself? I’ve worked with the youngsters and the oldies, and I’ve recruited both and I’ve long believed as long as you stay open, you can learn from both ends of the demographic curve. Heavens, I’ve someone I consider an awesome mentor who is substantially younger than me, but boy do I learn from her!

But what does this mean for the diversity in our future workforce? I attended not too long ago a talk, in which the speaker discussed the demographic challenges we face; figures used said that by 2015 we will have 80 million Millennials, 40 Million Gen X and 80 million Baby Boomers in our workforce…And of the Baby Boomers 20% of those will retire in two years.

What I found frightening was the number of Baby boomers leaving. There is an enormous amount of knowledge there and it’s not going to be accessible in our workforce soon. Are we going to be the better for it? Global talent shortages are impacting profitability now…

We still need to engage with, and have talent in our workforce that has age diversity. Sure it can make for HR challenges, but we need that knowledge to flow up and down our organisations better, and better for our customers.

Shouldn’t you be as diverse as your customer base?

So my plea to the Millennials…Don’t write us off just yet, we still have a lot to add. We haven’t reached the “tipping point” yet.

Think about it as good karma…because one day in the future you wiil be us…